Thumb Age, Crozu Streamer 64 Korea -Japan Competition will be held.

[ Park Yeo-jin Reporter] Sum Age (CEO Park Long-ago) held the ‘CROWD International Competition 2022 or less’ CIC 2022′, where 64 streamers of the PC shooting game ‘Crowd’ do.

‘CIC 2022’ is a large-scale battle with 64 people participating in the same time, with 32 teams, and streamers in Korea and Japan will be proud of the 200 million won for the total prize money.

The Korea-Japan Competition, which has the pride of the two countries, will motivate them to make more intense battles, and will pay additional compensation for squads and rounds.

On the 1st of the squad designated on Twitch and YouTube Live, a team (squad) was formed in a group of four people, and 16 squads were confirmed.

The Korean representatives will be the squad leaders such as Regina, BYU Belong, Chicken Run, and Turin, and Kenji, deputy general manager of Chi chino Sen aka Pro Game Team, leads the team leader. Hats me, a famous streamer and influencer, and ‘Crazysam4’ from PUBG pro gamer.

The Cross Streamer Korea-Japan Competition will be available in real time through the official YouTube and Twitch channels on the 11th, and the broadcast will be held by ‘Shi nil’ caster and ‘yawning’ and ‘Kim In-young’.

An official of Thumb Age said, We are preparing an event where not only streamers but also ordinary people and college students can enjoy the game together.