Majority of Germans do not want to play football video games

A bulk of Germans do not wish to enjoy the World Cup games in Qatar.
56 percent of those evaluated specified in a representative infratest IMAP survey in behalf of the ing activities reveal to intend to check out no games in the coming weeks.
Another 15 percent wish to watch fewer games, just 18 percent as lots of as previously.
The most vital reason for being rejected is disinterest in football as a whole (50 percent).
Of those who have an interest in football and also yet intend to pursue much less or otherwise whatsoever, most of his choice with the political situation in Qatar (41 percent).

The opaque award by FIFA (30 percent) and the lack of sustainability of the stadiums (22 percent) was additionally often stated.

A total of 1225 residents were spoken with on November 8 and 9.
Around every tenth citizen (9 percent) is still unclear whether he will check out Globe Cup video games.