St. Paulis Schultz: We werent at the assault

In this case, the view does not work without the processing. Time Schultz has as well as desires to score with FC St. Pauli in Karlsruhe on Saturday so as not to lose any more ground in the transfer fight, however his team’s sorrowful look against Holstein Kiel has an impact on the trainer.

large setback for the FCSP

On the head there is currently also in the wild animals park with 3 factors at the end, the very first fifty percent of the period could not be conserved, it is all about damage constraint prior to the set half-time evaluation. 3 factors would certainly be vital for the table, states Schultz.

The standard merits such as desire to run, battle stamina as well as density en masse will certainly have leading concern.

Time Schultz

Particular standard components have actually come from St. Pauli considering that Schultz took control of the professionals in the summer of 2020. Official reasoning as well as the guts to play a spirited option were partially noticeable also in the current away beats, yet most of all in actually all residence video games. The absolutely no number of Tuesday was for that reason not only an enormous problem. After such a video game, says the 45-year-old, you are already trying to find why specific things really did not go in this way. You go right into discussion with the children and also ask how they really felt why The last conviction and also the guts. Quickly after the video game, Schultz had insisted that he saw no doubt of lack of self-esteem in the weak lecture, yet Largest Parade, on the other hand, confessed: Certainly, the head now also contributes.

Pauli’s protective stability and also its repercussions

Three factors would certainly be crucial for the table, says Schultz. It constantly has downsides and advantages, claims Schultz, there is a particular reasoning if you put a player much more in the back than at the front, which enables much less opposing objective shots, but one is missing out on in front of a purchaser or creative gamer.

Particular fundamental elements have actually belonged to St. Pauli since Schultz took over the experts in the summer of 2020. Immediately after the video game, Schultz had actually asserted that he saw no concern of absence of self-esteem in the weak lecture, but Largest Parade, on the various other hand, admitted: Of program, the head currently additionally plays a duty.


The price for this: a lack of threat of racking up: In the past four league games, only one goal was racked up. It constantly has drawbacks and advantages, says Schultz, there is a specific logic if you place a player much more in the back than at the front, which allows much less opposing goal shots, yet one is missing out on in front of a buyer or creative gamer. Otherwise, after the dilemma top, the following uncomfortable work-up threatens the also rolling Karlsruhe.