WDFV sports court penalized Alemannia Aachen in 3 situations

The WDFV sporting activities court, chaired by Georg Schiphol, asked Alemannic Aachen to check out for fan offenses in 3 cases. In total amount, the Kaiserslautern must move over 13,000 euros in penalties.

2500 euros schedule for the strengthened burning of pyrotechnics on match day 4 throughout the house video game against SC Prussia Münster. On match day 10 against Fortuna Perfume, a viewer on Aachen Tripoli unauthorately got to the field. The Alemannic was sanctioned with 750 euros.

Aachen got really expensive to stand the mug of a viewer. The Fallen Get was attributed by the sports court in October, as well as it was in the lead at the time of the demolition.


The Alemannic was punished to repayment of 10,000 euros because of unsportsmanlike habits because of the demolition of a cancellation of a viewer. Homepage.