To NFL-Match Munich police are taking FC Bayern on the grain

A matching tweet, which used to the message, now took the official account of the Munich cops as an opportunity to pour some oil into the mood fire. That’s right, the police account verified the news of the Postilion amusing and explained explainable: Many citizens were surprised that there was an arena nearby.

At the weekend, the NFL commemorated an extravagant football festival in the Allianz Arena in Munich. The FC Bayern home was occupied to the last location, the fans experienced and provided a phenomenon. After the game of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Seattle Seahawks (21:16), the NFL stars raved about the state of mind in the round.

The widely known satire magazine Her Postilion took the action as an opportunity to compose a message that stated that there was a complaint with the authorities since of excessive state of mind.

On Twitter, the Munich police reacted to a satirical contribution to the NFL visitor game in the Allianz Arena and dispersed a small swipe towards FC Bayern.

Background: The successful audience, which exists at FC Bayern games, is not necessarily the most atmospheric backdrop in the Bundesliga. Not surprising that the postilion his post with Such sound is not known here.

tweet of the Munich authorities is primarily well received

At the weekend, the NFL celebrated a luxurious football celebration in the Allianz Arena in Munich. The echo on the police posting fell divided. Some users troubled that the Munich cops have time for such gags. In any case, the NFL was passionate about the environment that prevailed in Munich.

One likewise wrote in a variety of methods: A lot more residents were surprised that the stadium won a team that does not originate from Munich. And hence mentioned Bavaria’s home power.

The echo on the police posting fell divided. Some users bothered that the Munich authorities have time for such gags.


In any case, the NFL was enthusiastic about the atmosphere that prevailed in Munich. The German fans praised both television commentators and players. It was one of the very best football experiences I have actually ever d1. I say a lot for 23 years in the league. The fans were incredible, said NFL superstar Tom Brady.