Minden pulls Göppingen even deeper into the basement

The GWD Minded celebrated the second win on Thursday in the 13th game of the season and sent out an indication of life in the transfer battle.
At Frisco on Göttingen, the team of coach Frank Cars tens won the basement battle with 29:26 (13:14) and had the best thrower of the game in front of 3000 viewers with Luka Septic (eight objectives).
Regardless of the success, the Mindedness remain with four points on the WATTAGE TABLE-17.


Frisco on Göppingen-Gwd Minded 26:29 (14:13).

Goals Frisco on Göttingen: D. Schmidt 6, Belleek 5, Duarte 3, Roller 3, Gullies 2/2, Klee 2, Lindenchrone Andersen 2, Hermann 1, Molina 1, Males 1.
GWD Minded: Genetic 8, Harmful 5, Urban 5, Ahouansou 4, Pieczkowski 3, Jane 1, Forte 1, STAAR 1, Stoke 1.
Referee: Miro Drag (Frankfurt/M.)/ Marcus Hurst (Overuse).
Viewers: 3000.
Bad guy minutes: 4/8.
Disqualification: -/-.