LOL: The dizzy figure that Beryl has spent on Lost Ark and Honkai Impact

Many League of Legends players have passions through other games beyond the Riot Games titles. One of them is Beryl, which we know that in recent weeks and after winning the World Final by three maps to two against T1, he has been vitiating non-stop the Genshin Impact and other game of this style.


Moreover, Beryl himself was the first of the team that returned to South Korean lands. While the rest of his teammates stayed a few days knowing the various places offered by the country of bars and stars, Support returned to play these games. Beryl himself confirmed the amount that had been spent in several of these games, although he did not say that of Genshin Impact, since possibly that figure would be astronomical, taking into account that he has all the characters at the highest level.

The dizzy figure that Beryl has spent on the Ltd ark and in Honkies Impact

As we have learned through information that arrives from South Korea is that Beryl has spent, between Lost Ark and Honkies Impact some 80 million won, which is equivalent to approximately 58,000 euros. As we have mentioned earlier, Del Genshin Impact has not said anything, but it is possible that other tens of thousands of euros have been left to have all the characters to the highest level

With everything the player has won throughout his career is something that can be allowed without problems, but not for that reason this figure is completely exorbitant for the average user who hardly spends money on this type of games. With just playing in the invoked crack throughout the year, except to compete and the occasional Solo, Beryl decides accessories and improvements that are available in their store.