Beer and plaster Bierhoff and brand-new criticism of FIFA and Qatar

Oliver Hartmann reports from Qatar

I can not understand the choice and above all the time, stated nationwide group director Bailiff on Saturday at the DFB PK, before that you had adequate time before. Property is an important aspect for fans taking a trip, Bailiff continues, when the short-term decision is a bit unhappy and brings discontent.

clear yes from Never our Bind

This formulated even more clearly. When asked whether he would use the one-Love bandage versus Japan on Wednesday, the captain replied with a clear yes.


FIFA as soon as again caused incomprehension in the DFB camp, which had announced his own campaign on Saturday in the discussion about the players on Saturday with messages that the captains of the teams can show. Of course, the short-termism is unexpected, it looks as if FIFA has no clear attitude, stated Oliver Bailiff.