LOL: Damwon Kia movement to burst the signing market


Damon Kia continues with its restructuring for the next year and looks for a short-term winning project. For this, he has made a complicated decision, to dispense with Weekday in the ADC position. However, this decision can carry with it one of the bombs of the signing market and that can catapult them in the Power Rankings.

Why do we say it is a bomb? In this article we do not seek to belittle the career and trajectory of the young Weekday, who has set a year with many ups and downs in Damon Kia, but because the options to replace him are quite appetizing and can be one of the bombs of this signing market of signings of League of Legends with contrasted players and with great titles behind them.

Ruler and Viper, the two great options for Damon Kia Bot Lane

After announcing his departure from Gen. G, Ruler still has no equipment. Market and poster has, so many Top teams from China and South Korea will seek to take their services. One of them could be Damon Kia himself, who could sign a veteran player and know more than left the competition.

On the other hand, it’s time to talk about Viper. After his first steps in Griffin, where the team surprised everyone, their expectations have been impressive. The one considered by many as the best shooter in the world and winner of the Copa del Indicator in 2021 against DWK himself is free, and could return to his country after triumphing in the LPL.

The rumors that have arrived through several insiders, especially from China, report that Viper has already been in contacts with this structure, so it is the one that has the most ballots of the two to go there next year. However, we already know how the magic of the signing market is, so we cannot rule out anything until this movement is confirmed and the team itself announced on its social networks.