Did the devil of eternity know Pochita (Chainsaw Devil) in Chainsaw Man? Answered

When demon hunters imprisoned on the 8th floor are finally face to face with the demon of eternity that retains them as hostages, offers them a proposal: feeding it with the human known as Benji and will leave them free. The treatment is strange, and has many asking: the demon of eternity and Wichita (who now lives within Benji) knows each other? Here are the answers.

Are the demon of eternity familiar with the demon chainsaw?

The demon of eternity knows Wichita very well, and knows him by the name of demon chainsaw. While the mass of heads and amorphous limbs precipitates through the hall to the hunters, shout: It will be I who kill Chainsaw. It will be me! While bowing the hotel and opens the mouth down, the devil shouts give me the heart of Benji, the physical and metaphorical place where Wichita now exists inside Benji.

At the end of episode 6, while Benji prepares to dive into the mouth of the demon of eternity, he says that he is afraid of his chainsaws and that he was facing the other hunters against him because he did not want to face Benji’s diabolical form. The horrible demon who lives in eternity and feeds on fear is terrified by the demon chainsaw, and designed the entire situation to get rid of the threat once and for all with a minimum danger to himself.

While Benji raga and tear the interior of Eternity Devil, he shouted I knew you were alive, Chainsaw and you are much weaker now. Two things are clear: the time manipulative beast thought that Wichita had died that day that Benji saved him many years ago, and this is not the first time that Chainsaw Devil crosses himself with Eternity Devil.

After the incident at the hotel, Limeño and Aka speak in an alley and comment that even more demons are pointing to Benji. Between the attack to the hotel and this revelation, obviously there is something very special in Wichita, enough to make demons want to hunt demons. What is, however, is to be seen.

And that is the response to whether the demon of eternity knew or not the demon chainsaw. Stay up to date with all our Chainsaw Man and discover if Aka dies, when the folded version comes out or if Benji and Maxima ever end together.

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