Persecution Biathlete Rees Knapp past the podium


Little surprise in the 12.5 km long persecution of the males: Johannes Thingies BO wins as anticipated in front of his compatriot Stella Hold Agreed and the Frenchman Emilia Jacqueline
The German unique Sees ends up being 5th
Here you can check out the race in the live ticker

Biathlon: 12.5 km persecution of the males in Contiolahti-Die Top 5

Square |
Call |
Country |
1 |
Johannes Thingies BO |
Norway |
32: 44.4
2 |
Stella Hold Agreed |
Norway |
+ 19.2
3 |
Emilia Jacqueline |
France |
+ 47.3
4 |
Sebastian Samuelson |
Sweden |
+ 1: 12.7
5 |
Roman Sees |
Germany |
+ 1: 20.7

The German biathletes missed their 4th podium at the end of the first World Cup station of the season
In the chasing race over 12.5 km in the Finnish ContiaLahi, Roman Sees was again the very best professional athlete of the German Ski Association (DSV) with 5th place
The five-time Olympic champion Johannes Thingies BO won after just one penalty round like the day before, it was the 54th single World Cup triumph in his profession
His team-mate Stella Hold Agreed (1 charge round/ +19.2 seconds) completed the 2nd double success in a row that Emilia Jacqueline from France was 3rd
Sees, 3rd in the sprint on Saturday, offered the chance to the podium due to two shooting errors
I didn’t get to temperature on the track, felt a bit empty and needed to go over the shooting, he stated in the ARD interview: But it was excellent once again today.
David Nobel (2) ended up being eighth, Benedict Doll (12./ 3) and Justus Strew (13./ 2) made the leap into the top 15th Philipp Na wrath (2), Johannes Kuhn shot 7 times and had to
be satisfied with 29th location
Sees and Nobel had given the DSV ski hunters the very first top three locations of the season in Kontiolahti, and the season likewise ran in second place
The lady’s hunting race begins at 2:15 p.m. (ARD and Eurosport), and Anna Wade is the very best German in position five (+26.6)
The second World Cup in Hochfilzen will begin next Thursday
In addition to sprint races and the pursuers, the women and men likewise have relay races

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Biathlon: Persecution of the men in Kontiolahti now in the end of the live ticker of the race

Conclusion: When again, Johannes Thingies BO was not to be beat
Approximately and including the 2nd shooting, the Norwegian made an ideal and sovereign competition, had the ability to take the first error standing
However then the 29-year-old welcomed the rivals to the last standing stop with 2 mistakes
But they likewise shot beside it and were unable to use the deal
German efficiency: Finest German became Roman Sees as 5th, like David Nobel (8th), allowed 2 misconceptions
With this, two DSV ski hunters wound up in the top 10. Benedict Doll (12th) and Justus Strew (13th) made the matter round
Philipp Na wrath (22nd) was able to improve by a few places
Johannes Kuhn fell back to 29th place with seven charge rounds

Biathlon: Persecution of the men in Kontiolahti now in the Linebacker was race

Harte and Tomato at the finish line: Niklas Harte ranked 17th as the best Swiss. The now perfect David Tomato takes 19th location in the best OSV singer
Sees fifth: Roman Sees runs fifth place behind Sebastian Samuelson
And David Nobel, as already shown, is 8th
Benedict Doll and Justus Strew directly miss out on the leading 10
Triumph for Johannes Thingies BO!
Johannes Thingies BO ends the race unwound, can enjoy the success in peace
19 seconds later Stella Hold is there
With 47 seconds behind Emilia Jacqueline fetches 3rd place
Where are the Germans?
For Roman Sees it is apparently going to place 5
David Nobel has to let Fabien Claude pass, however 8th location ought to be
Last round: And he tips runs Johannes Thingies BO there safely home, makes so easy soil and is 15 seconds ahead
His compatriot runs around second location
Emilia Jacqueline seems to have the last put on the podium in her pocket
After all, Nobel is now with five goals: David Nobel is one of the couple of who shoot no at the end
This rinses him forward, there is a leading 10 outcome
The pursuers all Pat zen: Emilia Jacqueline leaves 2 slices
Sebastian Samuelson one
That is the opportunity for Roman Sees
The last shot!
He does not sit
5th place for the German!
Last shooting: Now Johannes Thingies BO has it in his hand, but the first shot is not and the fourth not
The Norwegian opens the door for the compatriot
Stella Hold Lachlan likewise captures up with a round, which costs him

4th round: Johannes Thingies BO has practically half a minute lead on the route
So the man in yellow could afford a charge round
Coats still completely: David Tomato is still flawless and as a 23 best Austrian
Right away behind it is Simon Ever, who has actually clashed standing once
More errors: Niklas Harte makes a very first mistake, but the Swiss goes back on the track as a great seventh
When also shoots Na wrath, Doll and Strew two times, David Zoe bl
And Johannes Kuhn shoots out entirely
2 bad shots once again!
Jacqueline gets more detailed: What can the pursuers make from it?
Emilia Jacqueline knows how to use this
The ruling world champion stays totally flawless today
Sebastian Samuelson needs to circle for the very first time
Not so novel Sees
Third shooting: Now it is necessary to resolve the obstacle of standing shooting for the very first time
Johannes Thingies BO starts pretty much again, but the fourth shot is just expensive, the disc does not fall
A charge round!
This is the chance for Stella Hold Lachlan, but he likewise needs to circle
3rd round: Absolutely nothing is decided at the top
The two Norwegians are stable for 20 seconds
Johannes Thingies BO must not permit himself anything
The rest of the pack is 50 seconds and more behind the leader
Kuhn fails: Nothing deals with Johannes Kuhn
Three objectives remain black, which tosses him back
Philipp Na wrath likewise makes an error
Simon Ever and David Tomato remain flawless today
Sees in the penalty round: While Emilia clears Jacqueline, Sebastian Samuelson and Title Shasta Christiansen, Roman Sees stops
Niklas Harte, Justus Strew and Benedict Doll do much better
David Nobel is now likewise hitting whatever
Second shooting: Yelling is now being shot again
In peace, Johannes Thingies BO can prepare once again
The Norwegian is incredibly focused, does not run the risk of whatever and change all objectives
Then Stella Hold Lachlan presses more on the tube
The swan song appears to be a margin, but the disc falls
Few misses: Johannes Dale fails two times
David Nobel also stops
Everyone satisfies: The pursuers also fulfill everything: Roman Sees, Emilia Jacqueline, Sebastian Samuelson, Title Shasta Christiansen and Filip Field Andersen
The very first shooting: Johannes Thingies BO is establishing the lying attack
The guy confidently clears everything off in yellow
The compatriot took a seat next to him
And Stella Hold Lachlan does it the same
Running communities: Further back, the Norwegians Andersen, Dale and Christiansen make common cause
A little later there is a German trio with a Nobel, Doll and Kuhn
In the meantime: Johannes Thingies BO is extremely simple to broaden his lead, so it is actually not decisively impeded
Behind it are partially running communities, for instance Samuelson and Jacqueline
The 2 are targeting Roman Sees
Only small snowfall: Due to the cold, the only small snowfall needs to not have a hindrance
And if all runners have actually totally crossed the round, this ought to no longer be a concern
Runnels are missing out on: Adam Runnels needed to withdraw at brief notification, the nineteenth of the other day
The Canadian is missing in the starter field, with which 59 athletes remain
That will still be quite a crowd on the track
Start: Now Johannes Thingies BO is launched, the wild Hat begins
In the 4 beginning passages, the ski hunters hone the hooves and will gradually go on the persecution
We have an overall of 60 professional athletes who are just two and a half minutes
There is still a lot to be moved

Biathlon: Persecution of the males in Kontiolahti now in the live ticker

In the meantime: Johannes Thingies BO is extremely simple to expand his lead, so it is really not decisively hindered
Behind it are partly running neighborhoods, for instance Samuelson and Jacqueline
The two are targeting Roman Sees
Just small snowfall: Due to the cold, the only small snowfall needs to not have an obstacle
And if all runners have actually entirely crossed the round, this need to no longer be a problem
Runnels are missing: Adam Runnels needed to withdraw at short notice, the nineteenth of yesterday
The Canadian is missing out on in the starter field, with which 59 professional athletes stay
That will still be quite a crowd on the track

Start: Now Johannes Thingies BO is launched, the wild Hat starts
In the four starting passages, the ski hunters sharpen the hooves and will gradually go on the persecution
We have a total of 60 professional athletes who are only 2 and a half minutes
There is still a lot to be moved
Before the start: It snowed five degrees listed below no in the east of Finland
It remains to be seen to what degree the previous Johannes Thingies BO is hindered by the fresh snow on the very first round
Generally, the path is well-prepared and stitch hard
Before the start: When browsing for the favorites, we just need to take the yesterday’s list of results, which naturally is the start list for this pursuer at the exact same time
And after that we have the Norwegian Johannes Thingies BO and Stella Hold Lachlan at the front, which need to be beat
The vice world champion Sebastian Samuelson and Emilia could become Jacqueline, the two-time champion in this discipline
Both are around 40 seconds
Already in this location, the Norwegians will have to assist with mistakes at the front
This then uses particularly to the following professional athletes
Nevertheless, the podium can definitely be reached for a variety of athletes
In addition to the German Sees, Nobel, Doll and Kuhn, Title Shasta Christiansen, Martin Ponsiluoma and the Olympic champion Quentin Dillon Millet, which are 47 seconds, are also missing
Prior to the start: Three of the Confederates have stayed
The new hope of Niklas Harte will deal with the competition as a sixteenth with a mortgage of 1:17 minutes
Jeremy Finally and Sebastian Stalker then follow behind the Austrian quartet
So it can only be about position enhancements and the accomplishment of a couple of World Cup points
Before the start: Austria’s ski hunter had one, cautious start to the season, but then the other day, however the other day Lisa Theresa Mauser made her victory for a hello-wach result
The males now wish to gain from this-the 4 that have actually certified for the pursuer
Nevertheless, the beginning positions are modest
The Austrians are more than two minutes behind
David Tomato, Felix Later, Harald Letterer and Simon Ever then come focused within 9 seconds
Before the start: Germany’s biathletes have actually known in the past couple of days in both women and males with a large team unity-guaranteed with some leading outcomes
A professional athlete fell really rarely
This was not the case in the other day’s sprints
All 6 Germans can start today-with likewise great beginning positions
3rd party will make Roman Sees en route with just under half a minute
David Nobel needs to wait a minute
And then it goes on a blow, Benedict Doll, Johannes Kuhn and Justus Strew follow
Everybody has the best prospects for the leading 10. And Philipp Na wrath is likewise well below 2 minutes and naturally would likewise like to orientate himself forward
Prior to the start: On the last day of the World Biathlon World Cup in northern Karelia, the pursuers await us
As always today, the men who have to cover a range of 12.5 kilometers are made over 5 2.5 kilometers long rounds
4 shooting deposits in the order lying, lying, standing, standing, standing, standing
Every failure must be served in the penalty round
Before the start: Johannes Thingies BO goes into the race with a lead of 10.5 seconds to his compatriot Stella Hold Lachlan
Roman Sees is the first German with 28.8 seconds behind
David Nobel (the other day 9th), Benedict Doll (11th) and Johannes Kuhn (12th) are also possible for a front position
Prior to the start: The last World Cup race in the males in Finnish Contiolahti for this weekend starts at 12.15 p.m. The Norwegian Johannes Thingies BO, the winner of yesterday’s sprint, is the first on the 12.5 km path with four shooting deposits
Prior to the start: hi and welcome to the live ticker of the persecution of the gentlemen

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Biathlon: The consultations at the World Cup in Kontiolahti

Date |
Start |
Discipline |
Winner: In
29.11.2022 (Tue) |
13: 15 |
Individual men 20 km |
Martin Ponsiluoma
30.11.2022 (me) |
13: 15 |
Specific ladies 15 km |
Hanna Berg
01.12.2022 (Thu) |
11: 00 |
Season men 4 x 7.5 km |
01.12.2022 (Thu) |
13: 35 |
Season females 4 x 6 km |
03.12.2022 (SA) |
10: 45 |
Sprint males 10 km |
Johannes Thingies BO
03.12.2022 (SA) |
13: 45 |
Sprint females 7.5 km |
Lisa Theresa Mauser
04.12.2022 (Sun) |
12: 15 |
Persecution guys 12.5 km |
04.12.2022 (Sun) |
14: 15 |
Persecution women 10 km.