4 Reasons Why Antoine Griezmann is the Most Important Player on the French National Team

For the French team, there is no more important actor than Antoine Riemann. He was decisive in the World Cup final against Croatia, scored four goals and won the golden ball as best player of the tournament. As it turns out, he is also a key factor in his club team Atlético Madrid: With 7 assists and 5 goals he has contributed significantly to the great season of Los Colchoneros.

It started with a flippant saying.
Do you understand that you were a really great protective midfielder?, Didier Deschamps this October day 2019 is said to have actually called his opponent Antoine Riemann at dinner after he had actually shone more at a 1-0 in Iceland.
A joke, as challenging as the previous work triumph.
A joke that Riemann is said to have actually acknowledged with a smile.


And a joke that is no one a great three years later.
In the shade of the obviously all-shining Kylian Mbappé, even in the shadow of the second spring of Olivier Giroud, Riemann appears to only take on a secondary function in the headlines of the global press compared to the 2018 title.
Perhaps no gamer is more vital for the French group than the attacker, who is now a midfielder.
In the formation of the Équipe Tricolore, Riemann takes on a crucial function from a tactical viewpoint.
The system varies in between 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1, Riemann provides the right-wing eighth or the ten as a connecting player, and even pushes the height of Sturmspitze Giroud in the pushing.
His significantly more defensive function, particularly in the game against the ball, makes him valuable. He covers a great deal of spaces, said defense chief Raphael Marine Riemann’s role after the 2-1 versus Denmark.
He has the capability to protect and let the others play. That is the Antoine we know.
The Antoine that it no longer appeared to be.
Previous the transfer hick hack between Atlético Madrid and FC Barcelona, which mainly understood a loser.
Gone the unworthy stopping duration 60th minute, in front of which Riemann could not be replaced.
I had to make myself little, said Riemann just recently about this stage.
L’Équipe quoted a person from Riemann’s individual environment with the words: It was as if he had actually pushed the sleep button.
Get up.
In this case, the irritating mother in the children’s room played Deschamps and particularly his assistant Guy Stephan, but took a threat with the brand-new positioning.
Riemann had actually never played such a defensive function in the nationwide group, prior to which World Cup mainly played as a 10s in a 3-4-1-2.
I will probably ask him to do other things now, said Deschamps during the group phase.
He enjoys the structure game, every time he touches the ball. Of course, he will score fewer objectives because he plays more people in front of him, however he will play more, but he
Analyzes his role really wisely and produces a balance.
Due to the fact that here was frequently the weak point of the reigning world champion.
Without the knowledgeable midfield center from Paul Pogba and N’Gold Kane, the protective construct of the Équipe Tricolore in some cases failed because gamers like Mbappé or Humane Dembélé are exceptional males with ball, but more than happy to overlook the work versus them.
Riemann, on the other hand, had actually even had to listen to the criticism of leaving excessive energy in defense work in the past.
Now he has the authorization to do so.
While the explosiveness of the now 31-year-old has actually noticeably reduced, his formerly rather unknown qualities come forward.
I could also have actually set it up as a right-wing foreign striker rather of Dembélé, but there he weren’t most helpful for the team, stated Deschamps after the Denmark video game.
In this video game, Riemann was the Frenchman with the most won duels and most of the ball conquests.
In the round of 16 against Poland, he spent the biggest running range of all stars on the pitch.
A new discovery, everybody in the French team highlighted, was not, after all, Riemann’s protective qualities were currently understood.
Nevertheless, it is already a reinvention.
Griezmann-the top scorer of the European Champion 2016, the top scorer of the 2018 World Cup, the face of the title profit-old now Riemann, the balance player.
He was just directly associated with one of the 9 French tournament gates.
I’m not heading around the goal, he said before the Poland video game.
The group requires me in the heart of the game.
And, especially essential after the past few months: I know that you need me.
Which might not have actually been clearer in any video game than in the only defeat versus Tunisia.
The French replacement midfield seemed messy, the statics did not change with the alternative of Mbappé in the 63rd Odder just with that of Riemann in the 73rd minute.

And even in a protective function, it is still enough for top marks: With his only competition assist against Denmark, Riemann draws the head of the historic list of the Équipe Tricolore with Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry.

In addition, no gamer has produced more opportunities than Riemann in the current tournament.
None was as symbolic as the 2-0 versus Poland: Riemann initiated this with a liberation.
In your own five-meter area.