Melbourne. The city derby between Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory shakes Australia

Pyrotechnics, a base tower and an assault: it was an outrageous afternoon in Melbourne, which is letting all Australia shocked and should have a very long time.

Saturday afternoon, scene of Jami Park, the joint location of City and Triumph.
On match day 8 of the A-League, the 2 Melbourne clubs satisfied.
Football was bet 20 minutes, the former Düsseldorf Salon Bertha and the previous Her than Matthew Jackie in the starting XI, Nazi started on the starting eleven.
City took the lead early, but then the sport moved into the background.

a protest that is entirely out of hand

There were extreme riots, fans ran to the field and threw a pail filled with sand on City’s goalkeeper Thomas Glover.
The 24-year-old suffered a laceration on the head and perhaps a concussion.
In the meantime, videos are likewise circulating that demonstrate how Glover throws a torch, which was tossed on the yard by spectators on the lawn, just before the storm.
Before the video game, the fans of both clubs had actually prepared to leave the arena in the 20th minute.
A demonstration project with which the fans desired to set an example versus a choice that the association had actually made last week.
He awarded the last for the A-League title for the next 3 years after Sydney-one action, which is not suitable with the custom in Australian football, considering that the host of the final needed to make the ulcerative so far.


Hence, the prepared demonstration, which then got totally out of hand.
In the meantime, the association has actually released a declaration and, in the course of this, has actually made it clear that such behavior in Australian football has no location.
With the demolition of the derby you desired to safeguard the stability of the game.
How the association is now continuing whether the video game is repeated or whether the points are awarded City, all of this is still unclear.