Emiliano Sala transfer dispute settled with Cardiff City

A legal agreement between Cardiff City, the Welsh Football Club, and Sale’s family has been reached. In this article, you can get a closer look at the details of the dispute, as well as information on who is eligible to receive a portion of the transfer fee.

The Welsh Football Club Cardiff City has actually been appointed a transfer lock in the dispute over the transfer charge for the Argentine footballer Emiliano Sale, who passed away in an aircraft accident.
This was confirmed by the chairman Mehmet Dalian in conversation with the BBC.

The club, which is combating versus transfer in the second-class English championship, hopes to raise the sanction up until January.
The International Sports Court of CAS had declined Cardiff City’s appeal against payment of the very first-rate in August.
The treatment had to do with six million euros, which Cardiff owes FC Nantes.


In general, the clubs had agreed on a transfer fee of 17 million euros.
Two days after the conclusion of the contract, Sale’s machine had fallen under the English Channel, ever since there has been dispute in between the clubs about the monetary consequences.
Cardiff has appealed against the CAS judgment before a Swiss federal court.
A judgment is expected at the end of January or early February.
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