Lionel Scaloni: The Man Who Is Succeeding Argentinas Lionel Messi

Lionel Salon generally wears a training suit, which alone states a lot about him.
Whether before the video game, throughout the game or after: At the World Cup in Qatar you can nearly constantly see the youngest coach of the competition in jogging trousers.
The 44-year-old is anything however an eccentric or self-portrayal, and he typically looks rather boring on the microphone.
Which may likewise be because of the truth that he was never ever intended for the role of the nationwide coach of Argentina.
Nonetheless, the Argentinians are now against France in the grand ending on Sunday.
Or rather: that’s why.
He merely has this human and this heat, therefore, I believe he likewise leads Argentina, stated ex-world champion Miroslaw Close just recently the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
Both played together for the Italian very first division club Lazio Rome from 2011 to 2013.
In his bio Miro, the World Cup record goalscorer keeps in mind together restrictions with the previous protector, discussions about methods or training content.
Even then he believed much deeper than a player, said Close.
Salon’s greatest work is the system that he shaped from Lionel Messi and Co.
When you see how they stand up for each other: that’s exactly his work, said Close.

after World Cup 2018: Salon takes over

There are still some who puzzled over how the guy from the rural town of Pu jato has been successful.
Sure, Argentina has up until now enables Messi, and Messi overshoot this World Cup in Qatar.
However, otherwise?
As far as the pure names are worried, the two-time world champ has most likely the most unspectacular troops for several years.
There disappears hightail, Ague, Raquel, Vernon or Tevet.
Rather, players such as Martínez, Romero, Fernández, Mac Allister or Álvarez become part of the scaffolding of this group.
Also, Messi, obviously, who waits together.
And maybe it is as good in the national jersey than ever in the past.
This is also a merit of Salons.
Messi wasn’t even there when he increased from assistant coach to the manager in 2018.
After the lost World Cup in Russia, the association had separated from Jorge Sample, an expensive understanding of coaches, for which the Argentinians once spent for over one million euros to FC Seville.
Now the cash for a brand-new coach was missing, however a minimum of the unskilled salon was already there.
So you said: do that for a couple of video games up until we have a new one.
Salon made.
There was just one issue.
Messi had actually dipped after the missed out on World Cup.
Would he play again for Argentina?
Salon and his assistant coach Pablo Amar called him.

The fitness instructor’s plan is open

Due to the fact that Amar is the fantastic idol of six-time world footballer, that was a smart relocation by the newcomer right from the start.
When we took over the group, together with Pablo we led a video call with Messi and stated: Leo, we will take over the Selection for these games, and we wish to let you know that the doors are open-but perhaps it is much better
is once you don’t come, said Salon of the Deutsche Dating this discussion.

He wished to have a strong troop before Messi was expected to line up, described Salon.
The plan opened.
Salon shaped a structure and rounded it off with Messi.
The initial crowning glory: the win of Copa América 2021, Argentina’s first title in 28 years.
This wished for ultimate: the golden World Cup on Sunday in the Lugsail Arena.
It would be the rounding of Messi’s glossy profession, its most likely last climax in the jersey of the nationwide team, the 2026 World Cup does not desire to play the 35-year-old.
At the grand finale, all the eyes will be targeted at him and France’s exceptional artist Kylian Mbappé.


Salon knows that and it does not trouble him.
On the contrary: Even in the most significant video game of his young training profession, the former right-back will be back in a training match.