UFC Shock! Fighter Rafa Garcia Loses A Liter Of Blood.

UFC Fight Night 154: Holloway vs. Ortega was the night of the fight between Max Holloway and Brian Ortega. It was a long battle that fans were holding their breaths for and at the end, Brian Ortega had won. But during the fight, UFC fighter Rama Garcia lost a liter of blood, which is about a quart! He was seriously injured in the first round and doctors rushed onto the scene to treat him. The fighter continued on to win his match in an amazing comeback victory, and it turned out that all he needed was a few stitches.

Shock moment in the UFC!
Rama Garcia was seriously hurt in a fight in Las Vegas.
He was the winner at the end.
The Mexican beat his challenger Mahesh Kaiser over the full range according to points, although he had formerly received a violent elbow strike against his head.


The level of the hit just truly ended up being clear after the battle.
The blow had actually injured an artery of Garcia and led to large amounts of blood loss.
As he himself confirmed, the physicians would have taken around two hours to stop the bleeding.
In general, he lost 20 percent blood, which represents about one liter with his body weight of 70 kilograms.
They said that they had never seen anything like it, stated Garcia.
The 28-year-old was lastly sewn with 15 stitches.
Up until now, Garcia won three of his 6 duels in the UFC.
In July, he had actually lost his most significant fight against Dakar Close.
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