FC Bayern: World Cup hero on a hint? That is on the rumors

With FC Bayern’s Manuel Neuer out due to a skiing accident, the question of who can replace him is becoming increasingly important. Recently, rumors have been swirling around Dominik Ivanovich being the potential candidate for this big responsibility. In this article, we look at the pros and cons of how he could potentially fit in at Bayern and what it would mean for their season ahead.

After the established seasonal season of Manuel Neuer after a ski accident, the concern of a replacement at FC Bayern is ending up being progressively important.
There was just recently inconsistent information on the significantly traded personnel Dominik Ivanovich.
Now there is most likely clearness with the Croatian World Cup hero, who with his national group just stopped working in the semi-finals in the later world champ Argentina.
According to details from the Build, the goalkeeper from Dynamo Zagreb, unlike previously speculated, is not a serious brand name at Bayern.
According to information from Build football chief Christian Fall, the bayern managers are not truly persuaded of the goalkeeper in spite of the current success story Ivanovich at the World Cup in Qatar.
Anyone who has not yet made it out of the medium-class Croatian elite league HNL at the age of 27 can hardly suffice the highest needs of the German record champ, who wishes to play for the title again in the Champions League, it was stated in the source.
Due to his contract term by 2024, the zagreb goalkeeper would also cost a transfer fee, which also speaks versus a move to Munich.

FC Bayern: Salihamidzic does not wish to make a fast shot

According to the media report, it is currently likely that the Croatian flagship club Dynamo Zagreb and the Keepers’ consultants primarily mean to position Ivanovich on the transfer market.
Both the club and the gamer might wave a thick agreement once again, as it was stated.
But that will not hold true with Bavaria, continued Bayern insider Christian Fall.


Bavaria’s s director Hasan Salihamidzic recently informed the Build newspaper how the timetable in the look for a replacement for Manuel Neuer in the coming weeks would look: When it concerns a replacement, we will not make quick shots, but with calm and calm