Real Reasons For Hertha BSC Lightning

Bertha BSC has made some bold moves in the transfer window this season, including the surprise departure of Dong-Jun Lee. Find out in this article what the real reasons behind Bertha’s decision to let go of Lee are, and why this could be a brilliant move for them in the long run.

Till completion, it was assumed that Dong-Jun Lee succumbed to the radical winter season conversion of Bertha BSC due to his disappointing appearances up until now and therefore needed to leave the Berlin Bundesliga club again.
But the reasons for the lightning-outside southern Korean are deeper, as has actually now been revealed.
When Dong-Jun Lee worked with Bertha BSC at the start of 2022, in Berlin it was hoped that they had actually devoted a brand-new, strong best wing to form the future of the Bundesliga club.
The offensive guy, commemorated in his homeland as a fantastic talent and granted with various prices, was equipped with a long-lasting contract till 2025.
However, less than twelve months later on it is clear that Lee Germany will be left once again.
It was stated that the quick from the South Korean, who was bought by the injury badge, had mainly had power-related reasons, but now Build has revealed that Lee has to go because he is about to do military service in his homeland South Korea.


With a couple of exceptions, all the guys who can work are relocated and need to go to the weapon for practically 2 years.
Stress about neighboring nation North Korea make this needed.
Till the end, Bertha BSC wished for a remarkable license for Lee, which can be approved for professional athletes in diplomatic immunities if they reveal impressive accomplishments at big competitions.
But neither his intended participation in the Asian Games nor at the World Cup in Qatar happened.

Bertha BSC: Hopes at Lee do not meet

The previous tournament was postponed in autumn 2023 due to the fact that of the Corona pandemic, the just recently ended World Cup missed Lee due to the fact that he had actually lost his place in the South Korean nationwide group due to his many injuries.
In his short year at Bertha BSC, Lee had actually previously just been able to tape-record four missions for himself, just once the 25-year-old was in the starting XI.

Most recently, The Daily s Seoul reported on the impending change of the enemy.
As the newspaper reported, the extreme right will go back to South Korea in winter season.
There he needs to join Keokuk FC.
It will be announced quickly, the sheet quotes a non-named confidante.
Now it must be clear why Lee is returning to his homeland.