The Grotesque Rule.

Ah, the magic of the World Cup – everyone watches had a moment of joy when Argentina scored that historic third goal. But was it really legal? This article takes a closer look at the ‘grotesque rule’ and how it can influence the outcome of a match. Read on to find out more about this obscure regulation!

When Lionel Messi Hugo Loris got rid of in the extension of the World Cup final, all kinds of innovations needed to be used to inspect the legality of the goal: First, referee Szymon Marginal received the signal that the ball had actually totally surpassed the line prior to Jules Found
Clear the ball.
Then the VAR confirmed that template Lazaro Martinez had not formerly been offside when he was mentioned by Enzo Fernandez.
And yet afterwards there was a concern mark over the meantime 3: 2 for Argentina against Frances, particularly French media on Monday.
Appropriately, Messi’s second goal of the night should not have counted, since 2 extreme replacements near the Argentinian bank had currently entered the field in the hope of an upcoming jubilation.
This is evidenced by television recordings.

The regulator is only apparently clear

And under point 8 of the football rule 3 it says literally: If the referee determines after an objective, however before the continuation of the game that there was an additional person on the field at the time of eviction, the referee does not offer the objective if the additional individual
A player, an alternative, a replaced or the field of referred gamers or a group officer of the group who has scored the goal.
Rather, the video game will be continued with a direct free kick at the point where the additional person lay.
Did France cost an irregular objective so the World Cup title defense?
Of all, the word determines is crucial in the control text.
This indicates that it is an accurate decision by the referee, and nobody was able to seriously hold Marginal’s team that this goal did not notice how two completely uninvolved people were just within the field for a brief minute.


The basis of the decision is that he did not see it, DFB apprentice Lutz Wagner informed the.

Wagner: Referee is routine guardians, no investigators

Something else is decisive that Wagner puts: What plays football expect?
It was not in its sense and in the interest of those included to acknowledge an objective if, for example, on the other side of the lawn, a things attendant is enough for the goalkeeper and briefly gets in the charge area.

According to Wagner, referees always have in mind and spirit to decide a guideline: They are regular keepers, not investigators.
If Marginal Messi’s objective would not have actually been counted, it would truly have been monstrous.
The case would be different if Messi’s conclusion was unauthorized in the French charge location and therefore influenced the scene.
Then Marginal and his team would have needed to intervene-and would be rightly criticized if they had not done it.
Rather, on Monday, it worked as if it fell L’Équipe (Why the 3rd Argentine objective ought to not have actually counted) and other French media to accept the defeat.