Bundesliga transfer gossip: FC Bayern interested?

With the World Cup in Qatar just recently concluding, Nicolas Fuller was one of the few standout stars for the German national team. With his impressive performance, Bayern Munich has been rumored to be interested in acquiring him. In this article we look at what it would mean if FC Bayern were to make a move for Fuller and whether it’s a good idea.

At the World Cup in Qatar, Nicolas Fuller was one of the rare rays in the German national team.
A few weeks after the bitter preliminary round, the striker of Welder Bremen reviewed the tournament and criticized the public usage of the DFB choice.

The swap reports about his person were likewise gone over.
Only shortly before the World Cup, Nicolas Fuller made his launching in the national team.
The three objectives that the attacker gathered under national coach Hansi Flick in his first 4 missions checked out all the more remarkable.
In retrospection, the experiences in Qatar not only set off sensations of happiness in the 29-year-old.
Fill mug has been extremely annoyed by the sometimes harsh criticism of the DFB group.
I am not scared to make the statement, and I am: it is frightening just how much animosity for the nationwide group was shown by the public in Germany-after the Japan video game and later on after the preliminary round.
, described the Bremen goalkeeper in the Build.
As a viewer after the 2018 World Cup in Russia, he had the sensation that the national team is in some cases more of failure instead of success. I do not know why this is so. I can only state one thing: Every gamer on the
Location is incredibly proud to bring the German jersey.

according to reports about FC Bayern: Fuller remains vague

With his strong appearances for Welder and the nationwide team, Fuller has actually recently made itself intriguing for other clubs.
The nine was even traded at Bavaria’s huge FC.
In principle, there must be interest and an offer from another association for which it is worthwhile to deal with it. Since Welder is not a 08/15 club for me, said the Hanoverian native.


At the very same time, Fuller left a back entrance open for a farewell in summer: The truth is that the association is financially in a not so great situation and that (an offer; note;
Comparable circumstance after relegation. Welder had not stated a gamer unsalable.