FC Schalke 04s Door Open To Controversial Ex-Supervisory Board Head Clemens Tönnies

CEO Bernd Schröder does not rule out further commitment to the controversial ex-supervisory board head Clemens Townies at FC Schalke 04.
Clemens Townies is already very financially incorporated through his sponsorship. If he still wishes to expand it, he is really welcome, like everyone else, stated Schröder in an interview with the Funk Media Group.
But, the 56-year-old restricted, borrowing money and for that reason much more debt-we do not desire to. However, minimize liabilities and do not burden the future with a lot more debts. This increases the scope for financial investments, even in
In 2020, Townies had actually withdrawn from the functional organization on Schalke after increasing unrest.
He continues to support the club economically through Blunder, a company of the Townies show subsidiary Zum-Mühlen group.
Schalke threatens the bitter walk to the 2nd Bundesliga once again after the direct return last summer season.
The seven-time German championship is currently the bottom of the table in the upper home.
The royal blue currently different 6 points from the saving bank.


FC Schalke 04: Error in team planning

There are likewise faults in the preparation of the team.
We didn’t do whatever right in the summer transfer window, a very clear yes, stated Schröder.
However, the club management analyzed, concluded conclusions and worked differently in winter. And I believe we had the ability to fix some deficits.
Six external newcomers found their method to Gelsenkirchen.
In addition, with Schizo Suzuki, there is a hope of hope from his own U23.

s board member Peter Anabel along with the team organizers André Tengelmann and René Grotius had a very intelligent way, praised Schröder, referring to the mixture of lent and provided players, so that an overall of not required a lot of cash in order to now make this definitive improvement in
get our 28er squad.

But, the 56-year-old limited, obtaining cash and therefore even more debt-we do not want to. Decrease liabilities and do not problem the future with even more financial obligations. This increases the scope for investments, even in