FCI Coach Capretti: The Little Bit Of Luck Was Missing In Ingolstadts Debut Match

As the successor to Rudder REM, Merino Cassette was supposed to develop the trend turnaround for the Scanner, however the 40-year-old might not reveal the 1-2 defeat versus the U 23 from Borussia Dortmund.
I saw a group that fought, ran, who did not place on even after the 0: 2 and definitely desired to turn the important things once again, said Cassette, who has now slipped into ninth location in the table with the FCI, after the
Video game on the Magenta Sport microphone.
I really liked this mentality. We then reduced and had great chances to compensate for. Today the bit of luck was missing.

That was not always the game we need to win today.


Christian Presser
Already 8 points is now the gap to the climb that the Scanner forgets the Scanner due to the present shape weak point.
Before the game of Borussia Dortmund II, which had the ability to combat the very first threesome out of the relegation ranks with the first threesome.
When I take a look at the game today and with the last contrasts, it might not necessarily be the video game we have to win, Dortmund’s coach Christian Prefer approximated the course of the video game after the final whistle.
Specifically in the initial stage, his team primarily followed the Scanner, a double strike with a struck by Niklas Dams and Justin Jinnah then brought the Russia to the winning roadway.
Pascal Destroyed’s connection objective was no longer avoided shortly after the restart.
In general, his team delivered a good battle and was extremely effective, said Presser.

That’s why I believe that we did not win unjust.