Two HSV Football Professionals Caught in Illegal Street Race with Accident Sequence: Legal Trouble Ahead?

Two football professionals from the 2nd division club Hamburger SV threatens legal difficulty.
Local media reported on Tuesday about a presumably unlawful street race with mishap series, in which Jean-Luc Dome (27) and William Mikelbrencis (18) are said to be involved.
In addition, the allegation of mishap escape remains in the space, the authorities figured out.
An authorities representative did not validate the names on the SID request, but the car owner’s property address was checked.
It is a 27-year-old Frenchman who had a slight injury to his hand.
So far, the cops assume that it is the accident chauffeur.
The BMW, which according to media reports Dome, had actually rushed into a bus stop at Hafenstraße in the St. Pauli district on Monday evening.
Accordingly, the motorist had previously provided a race with a Mercedes that was authorized on William Mikelbrencis (18).
The Build newspaper had actually first reported on the incident.

In the Mikelbrencis home, the emergency situation services likewise found the 2 alleged occupants of the Mercedes-Benz.
The car was authorized for an 18-year-old, and a 27-year-old Tunisian would have been considered as a motorist.


According to the cops, no further information on the participants can be provided for factors of individual disease protection, both cars have been guaranteed for additional evaluations.
As the cops stated, investigations were used up by the accident on the suspicion of a prohibited motor car race and unauthorized elimination from the scene of the mishap.
According to testimonies, the 2 chauffeurs are said to have actually provided a thought cars and truck race on Monday evening.
With bending engine noises and very excessive speed they are said to have driven on the edge of the harbor towards the city.
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The driver of the BMW had apparently lost control and was a mishap in the area of a bus stop.
Then he is stated to have risen to the Mercedes motorist and have actually moved far from the scene of the mishap with him.