Explore All the New Aspects Available in Overwatch 2 Season 3!

The update of Overwatch 2 season 3 was launched, launching everyone to a new season with many challenges, rewards, collectibles and cosmetics at stake.
Whether you are looking to work in the battle pass or get some Twitch Drops gifts, we have everything you need to know.
Here are all the new masks available in Overwatch 2 Season 3.

Each new aspect and how to get them in Overwatch 2 season 3

Most masks are available to win through the battle pass, but you can also get some through Twitch, cosmetics packages that can be purchased and events in the game.
Here is a complete breakdown of how to receive each new aspect in Overwatch 2 season 3.



Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2 has launched a selection of cosmetics labeled as starting packages for each season.
The starting package of season 3 consists of 1000 Overwatch coins, a bee weapon amulet and the Meres Honey bee skin.
This package can be purchased for around $10 USD through the initiator or in the Overwatch 2 game store.


Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment
Together with the start of the season packages, there is also a more expensive version known as Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle.
This package gives access to the Premium battle pass for the season with 20 predesbloqueted levels, as well as 2000 Overwatch Coins and the new Beekeeper aspect of Sigma.
This package costs around $30 USD and can also be purchased at the game store or at the Overwatch 2 store located inside the initiator.


Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment
From the debut of Overwatch 2, there has been a mask available to win free through Twitch Drops with each season, such as Werewolf Winston of season 1 and Masked Dancer Moira of season 2. For season 3, the social aspect of Ashe
It is available, which allows rookies and players who return who never had the opportunity to unlock it in Overwatch 1 to win it for free.
To unlock the aspect of a member of the High Society of ASHE, you must have your Twitch account linked to your and see six hours of content of the transmission channels participating Overwatch 2. After the two-hour brand, you can
Claim a free spray, and once you have seen four additional hours, for a total of six hours, the Socialite Ashes mask will be your entire to exchange.


Image source:
Everyone turned absolutely crazy when this Heinz skin was leaked with the issue of Valentine’s.
Luckily for fans of this concept, the filtration has turned out to be a hundred percent.

The aspect of Cupid de Hanzo will arrive at Overwatch 2 together with the Lover watch quotation simulation event for a limited time, on February 2.
14, 2023.
The aspect of Cupid de Hanzo will be available as part of a package through the articles store, and although there is no way of knowing with certainty how much it will cost, the original filtration suggested that it would have a price of 1600 Overwatch coins.

Hunger Queen-Black Metal

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through
Junker Queen’s legendary Black metal appearance begins with the battle pass as a level 1 reward for buying the premium update.
Junker Queen is already canonically a noisy rock and punk by nature, so what better way to highlight the daring and rude peculiarities of his character than with equally rough skin?
This is an excellent reward for level 1 and a useful addition to the Junker Queen cosmetic library, considering that it is one of the newest characters in the game.
There is also a great emotion within the battle pass that perfectly complements this aspect, showing Junker Queen playing his ax as a guitar, and I know that I will match both to make the most of this aspect.


Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through
The Reaper Chase appearance is the second legendary cosmetic that is rewarded at level 1 of the premium battle pass.
This legendary mask adds a touch of gold, blue and red here and there to the generally monochromatic reaper color palette, stickers in its arms and weapons, and replaces its family mask of common owl with a new design.
This is a decent addition to Reaper’s locker room, so we hope that the hat does not affect the size of its hatbox too negatively.


Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through

The players will receive the Deluxe appearance of Baptiste as level 10 reward for the premium battle pass.
This aspect does more than honor of his name, smoothing Baptiste in real and golden reds, making his overwatch 2 look much more glamorous.
This aspect reminds me a little of Mantra’s primary appearance of season 2 and would look very good next to him in a matching duo.

Cassidy-The Invisible Man

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through
The following is one of the most hilarious and great aspect concepts that the Overwatch 2 team has launched since the game’s launch: the new Invisible Man aspect of Cassidy.
The appearance is a reward for completing level 20 of the premium battle pass, wearing Cassidy with spy clothes to give it that classic aspect of secret agent.
And as for the best characteristic?
All his face is invisible, leaving only a floating hat and protective glasses running along the battlefield.
Seeing this guy prepare a devastating High Noon will be fun and incredibly frustrating when you are killed by the invisible cowboy.


Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through
The reward of the Premium battle pass for level 30 is the new folklore aspect of shadow, which has eliminated its shaved side and its long degraded purple strands in favor of a shorter brown hairstyle, complete with a crown of flowers.
The General Shadow outfit also lights significantly, with touches of roses, purple and cakes that look like parties.
This unique addition to the shadow heroes’ gallery represents a much brighter and more striking concept than its usual hacker attacks inspired by cybernetics.
Just make sure you don’t get too much attention when you get out of stealth!

Moira-Demon Queen

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through
One of the most attractive masks of the battle pass of season 3 is the Demon Queen de Moira mask… whenever you can pass from the feet.
If you thought Sigma was bad, he has now found his partner.
However, apart from the feet, this legendary cosmetic is the level 40 reward, which gives life to a (mostly) attractive appearance of Moira.
The robes are luxurious but also a bit strange and extravagant, which fits perfectly with the characteristics of Moira.
The outfit also consists of white, gold and red, so it is good to see Moira get away from her usual purple and black outfit and embrace something different.
In general, she feels very appropriate for her, and there are many fine details to admire, such as shoulder pads with the theme of ON and her back with bright eyes.


Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through
The reward of the battle pass of level 50 of season 3 gives the players a new aspect of Epic Zara in the form of their tactical cosmetic.
This cyber-looking skin provides an icy palette to Russian Tank Hero, which consists of ice cream, silver, gray and black.
Zara also has a new tattoo on her left arm in this specific style, which helps to link to general aesthetics.

Juckrat-Hong HAI her

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through
The Australian maniac of everyone’s favorite explosives receives a new costume in season 3 with the legendary Hong HAI Er Junk rat, which players receive when reaching level 60 of the Premium battle pass.
This changes Junk rat’s glasses and shorts for something different but appropriate.
First, look at all the gold.
From his ripper to his shoulders bands and even the accents of his clothes, everything is covered.
As someone obsessed with gold and wealth, I am sure that this outfit would excite the former Junker town resident to the core.
The color palette consists of golden, burning reds and oranges, subtly hinting at excessive use of explosives.
And finally, its orthopedic leg is changed from its usual metal to a natural-looking twisted wood variation.
Seeing what Junk’s iconic leg and tire convert into a new skin is one of the best parts that Hong HAI has given without a doubt.
I don’t know, but I will use this skin from time to time.


Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through

Near the end of the battle pass of season 3, Sigma’s galactic aspect is the cosmetic reward for players who reach level 70. Like many others, I am not the greatest admirer of Sigma and firmly believe in the need for socks.
However, it cannot be denied that this aspect is one of the best rewards of the entire premium battle pass of season 3.
Just look at the patterns similar to nebulae that shine through the suit;
It looks like the new map of the Antarctic Peninsula.
What better way to celebrate the arrival of both articles than dressing the Talon agent with clothes that aesthetically combines with the beautiful Boreal Landslides in the sky?
In addition, his skin is blue, as if it were cold and frozen.
There is no doubt that this cosmetic would look absolutely perfect on the icy map that induces chills.


Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment through
Completing the battle pass is the mythical aspect of season 3, a beautiful Kirk cosmetic entitled Amaterasu.
This aspect adds a new incorporation to the Heroes’ gallery of the Kannada Protective Beloved, dressing it with new robes, shoes and a beautiful headdress of your choice.
Like the previous mythical masks, the cosmetic Amaterasu de Kiriko is also totally customizable, with three different color palettes, two variations of lunar, three different headdresses and three different hairstyles so that the randoms or the mixes and combines them as you want.
This aspect is beautifully elaborated and makes clear reference to Amaterasu, the goddess of the Sun, in Japanese mythology.
I can’t wait to work in the battle pass and add this incredible unlockable to my collection.
That is all you need to know about all the new aspects available in Overwatch 2 Season 3. To get more useful game guides, lists, news and more, see the rest of our content.
We have a variety of publications to keep it updated on all its favorite Heroes of Overwatch and Talon villains, so be free to move down and see our related publications for itself.
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