SC Prussia Celebrates 4-0 Home Win with Peaceful Football Festival at Münster Central Station

More than 11,000 viewers commemorated a tranquil football celebration on Sunday afternoon and saw they should have 4-0 house win against Alemannic Aachen.
Even prior to the kick-off, numerous them pulled through Münster’s town hall with an equally tranquil fan march and revealed an atmospheric fan choreography in the stadium.
However, this positive overall image was clouded after the game by an inappropriate event at the main train station, as 8 hooded people who feel belonging to the Münster fans, assaulted guest fans and in some cases considerably injured.
The SC prussia münster apologizes from the bottom of the heart and condemns this act to the most sharp.
Violence remains in no chance compatible with the values of the Prussian household and must never find a breeding place at the SCP.
Even if this act occurred outside the area controllable by the association, we wish to contribute to the procedure of handling the occasions.
Just a couple of weeks ago, the club members adopted an objective statement with a frustrating bulk, on which everybody wishes to be oriented and determined, which happen internally and outwards in the name of SC Prussia Münster-from the fan, to employees to the authorities.
This event when again highlights how important the objective statement process and the associated concepts are.
Anybody who can relate to it is very welcome in the Prussian stadium.


However, those who want to fuel intolerance, violence and hate are not!