LOL Honor Division Date 9 Results – Zylant Dominates, Peek Approaches Human Rights

A number 9 date in the Honor Division that has great struggles to advance to the Playoffs stage, after half of the days have passed the teams are much more about being able to have the points that remain to access the next stage
of the tournament, but things are not easy for any because the continuous improvement of each of them is seen with the experience acquired.
Starting with Plant’s duel against Tomorrow eSports things begin hot because the strength of the horde remains relentless with a Slayers that demonstrates a solid work in the jungle with a poppy that denies the rivals several times to be able to counterattack and take out
The necessary advantage that gives you the victory in the confrontation to carry another point.

For the second contest we see Even Esports against Others where we see a selection of UDR for Carola that demonstrates great pressure in the contest leaving behind the rival squad and giving an advantage that the snakes take advantage of to advance in the confrontation leaving this
form the favorable things for them to close the game in their favor.
The third game puts Leviathan against Peek Gaming in a meeting that would make a difference between them because they maintain the same score, the force of the sea dragon would be overwhelming at the beginning of the game to take an important advantage, but Peek’s response would be made
Notice with an initiation of Fend that is positive to turn the contest and take the victory.
In the fourth contest we see The Kings Moon against 19 eSports being the 19th team that takes the front of the contest with a Liquiddiego that was very proactive within the confrontation to take the advantage with his VI and give resources to his teammates,
The 19 squad manages to demolish the rivals to take the game in their favor and get the points of the match.


After these clashes we could see that Plant’s squad remains the only dominant squad of the tournament without knowing the defeat, on the other hand Peek and 19 seek to fight for second place, with the results seen on this date we see that the level of
The competition increases more and more to seek to get the points that bring them closer to the playoffs.