Unlock All Hogwarts Legacy Vaults: A Guide to Discovering Secrets and Treasures in the Game Map

Are you one of the innumerable Hogwarts Legacy players at this time that tries to discover all possible secrets and treasures in every corner of the game map?
From animal doors puzzle to Merlin’s mysterious tests, there are many challenges that keep players occupied outside of class.
Among the most exciting are the vaults of the treasure, which as its name indicates contains some of the most exceptional rewards of the game.
For those who just begin and those who try to verify the last vaults of their list, here is a detailed guide of how to open the vaults of the Hogwarts included legacy some of the most difficult that require a little more explanation.

How to locate treasure vaults

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There are a total of 114 vaults to find;
enough to keep any player occupied when adding to everything else that must be done in the game.
To get the loot inside them, you must complete the puzzles that prevent you from accessing them.


To find the vaults of the treasure on your map, you must look for the above icon that indicates the exact location where one is located.

How to solve treasure vaults

Most of the treasure vaults found in the game are resolved through repeated and simple riddles that do not require more than a few steps and, often, they only take a few minutes to solve.
Below is a list of all known riddles found in Treasure Vaults and how to pass them.
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Puzzle bucket training-Use the wingardium Levies spell to organize ornate cubes so that they coincide with a given pattern.
Defeat enemies-sometimes, a horde of Enemies infer will appear from the ground that you must defeat so that a treasure chest appears.
Keep in mind that infer must be hit first with fire or confringing before they can be damaged.
Lighting torches-speaking of fire, some vaults will require a certain amount of torches around a room to reveal a treasure chest.
A fire spell as a fire, of course, will do the trick.
Board barriers-some vaults have nothing more than sticky loans that get between you and the treasure.
Simply see them with fire or confringing.
Swirl diving-For these you will have to get your feet, literally.
As with the other swirls that are found throughout the game, simply sub sop in the swirl when indicated to you.
You will emerge in a new location where the chest is located.
Explosion of rocky barriers or upholstered inputs-some doors of the vault will be blocked by rocks or some type of debris, or will be covered with planks.
A rapid confringing movement will demolish the blockade and lead to the treasure chest.
Spell cubes-look for a large cube nearby that has a clearly recorded spell symbol.
Use wingardium Levies to levitate the cube on a pedestal that has a matching symbol.
Next, perform the spell in the cube indicated by the symbol and a passage will open in a nearby place that leads to the treasure.
Choosing a lock-in fact, some vaults will require the Alhambra spell to unlock them, similar to the normal doors locks in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.
However, they often require a level 2 or level 3 update of the spell to access the lock.
Once overlooked, the treasure is on the other side.
Mangos to push or pull-some vaults will require that you use action or repulse to push or pull objects with handles, often to create a new path to reach the treasure.
While the previous advice will resolve a good part of the treasure vaults found on the world map, there are some vaults selected in the game that require more effort and the performance of unique tasks.
These are some of those more complicated vaults and how to solve them.

Central Hogwarts Valley Treasure Vault-chest puzzles under the floor

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As shown on the map above, this vault is located in the area of North of Hogwarts Valley.

To access it, you must use ACCIO to pull an object handled out on the left side of the staircase that leads inside.
Upon entering the main room, it will notice that the floor is a huge platform that moves and bends when the weight presses down.
Spent reveal to locate not only the treasure chest trapped under the floor, but also a cube that is high nearby, on the right side.
Spent wingardium levies to pull it down and through the ground towards the chest.
The cube weight will push the floor down enough to reveal it.
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Treasury vault of the southern region of Hogwarts-Brazter puzzles

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As shown on the map above, this vault is located on the east side of the southern region of Hogwartsjusto to the south of Ara shire.
The vault is unlocked through a Spell Cube with a symbol of fire, which can be found near the door.
Wingardium Levies on the pedestal and fire use to open the vault.
After crossing a winding hall, you will reach a room with a statue on the left side and an empty bedroom with a gray platform on the right side.
An ignition brazier sits in front of the statue.
Spent glad to turn it off, and the statue will turn to reveal a new gray platform.
Stop on it to take you to the other side, where a treasure chest awaits you.
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As shown on the map above, this vault is also to the south of Arashirehacia the water on the left side, and it is another that is unlocked through a cube of spells.
Lasted Revelry to track the cube into a nearby cliff, hidden among some trees.
Take it back to the pedestal at the bottom of a staircase full of braziers.
Devious cast in the cube to open the vault.
Lower the stairs and cross the winding corridor to a seemingly empty room.
Revelry cast to reveal the part of the floor shaded in blue and then hit in this place.
The moment you stop in that place, one force pushes you through the wall by your side to another room, which contains the treasure chest.
However, I know fast, since the wall will take you back to the other side.
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Vault of the Hogwarts South Treasury-Tornado puzzle

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As shown on the map above, this vault is nested under the high bridge, just north of Ara shire.
While it is easy to enter, a more exclusive puzzle waiting inside.
Inside the main room there will be two stone arches on each side and a small drifting tornado in the middle.
After approaching and grabbing the tornado, you must walk through the arches on both sides to get a different version of the room that has another tornado, quite similar to the ancient magical arches during the missions of the main story.
When getting three of the tornadoes, the treasure chest will appear.
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Treasure vault of the San Baker Tower-Wall Cube Puzzles

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This vault can be found much further north in Torre de San Baker.
The entrance to the vault is a simple bulling barrier to break with a good explosive spell like free.
Upon entering the main room of the vault, you will find a stone cube with an arrow symbol sitting on a pedestal in the center.
Lifted Wingardium to lift the cube on a nearby wall of similar cubes, which has an open space in the middle in the upper part.
Turn the cube using the appropriate button on your controller/keyboard until the arrow in the cube points down.
Place it in the open place until a nearby door is opened, revealing the treasure chest.
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Phoenix Mountain Cave Treasure Vault-Chess puzzles

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Finally, but not least, there is a vault located in the Weight tea coast region of the map, in the phoenix mountain cave shown above.

The most complicated vault on the list requires much more work to solve.

To enter the vault, throw impulse on the metal spirals on each side of the door to turn them and open the door.
Inside, the main room contains a real chess board with a partially played game that you must resolve to get the treasure.
To start, Issue Revelry to find the object in the room that you must transform into a chess piece for the board.
Once you find it, use the spell transformation to turn the object into the piece you need, and then with Vivarium Levies place it a square to the left and one ahead where the piece of the white queen is.
This will give a sign of mate check, which will cause the queen’s piece to fall apart, and the treasure chest will appear.
It is worth noting that you can find similar chess puzzles in the Treasury vault in Crag croft.
Like before, Use Revelry to find the necessary element to transform into the chess piece required for the board.
This time, you must place the piece in the square two spaces above the black pawn next to the white horse.
That makes mate check and gives you even more treasure.
That concludes our guide for how to open and solve Treasure Vaults at Hogwarts Legacy.
We hope that these tips have been useful and do not hesitate to leave a comment on which vault it was most challenging or if there is something that was overlooked.
Be sure to consult all our other articles related to Hogwarts Legacy below, so you can be well aimed to collect everything in the game!
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