Complete the Encrypted Mission Decipher the Signal Under the Snow Bank in Fortnites Chapter 4 Season 1 Cipher Quests

Fortnite is finishing its chapter 4 season 1 with a more called Cipher Quests search line.
These missions offer players the opportunity to win more XP and some cosmetic articles.
New missions are added every day and the second encrypted mission is now available.
Here is how to complete decipher the signal under the snow bank in Fortnite.

How to complete the second encrypted mission in Fortnite

If you have completed the first encrypted Quest, then you must access the second encrypted quest.
The new mission gives the description decipher the signal… under the snow bank in… followed by the code:
Using the same method to decipher the code as the first mission, this translates into Lonely Labs. It falls into the location and will find a giant snow hill with an orange shipping container label.
Enter the open container to find the stairs that lead to a base and inspect any of the multiple computer terminals to complete the first stage.
Image source: epic games through
Unlike the first mission, there is no second stage.
Then, the second encrypted quest will be completed once you have inspected the computer inside the snow bank in Lonely Labs.


That is how to complete decipher the signal under the snow bank in Fortnite.

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